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She hosted the world's first ever daily live radio show on social media. Now Tonya adds informative, entertaining interviews, stories and analysis of the most compelling news, events and people of the day.
Ryan Holmes - Founder & CEO of Hootsuite, Author of "The Four Billion Dollar Tweet"
Robert Kraut - Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie-Mellon University
Marty Cagan - Partner at Silicon Valley Product Group, Author of "Inspired: How To Create Tech Products Customers Love"
Brian Alvey - Inventor & creator of the app "Clipisode", Software engineer, Start-up and funding expert
Philippe Kahn - Inventor, Computer era pioneer, Mathemetician, creator of the first phone camera
Mikko Hypponen - Internationally-recognized internet security expert
Amy Webb - Futurist, Founder of The Future Today Institute, Author of "The Signals Are Talking", Professor at NYU Stern School of Business